Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Inspirational Verse

Why do we not quote this verse more often? We hear the classic verses about God's love, but I have never heard this one! SERIOUSLY?!? This needs to be a classic.

Psalms 94:18 "When I said, 'My foot is slipping,' Your unfailing love, Lord, supported me."

Wow. God knew how much I needed to hear that. For real. Sometimes it seems like I just go round and round, and there are so many things that I'm confused on and that things just fall apart.

What better reminder?

When the world is crashing in, though I stumble, falter, cry, run, or hide, and even if everyone forsakes me, Your unfailing love, o Lord, supports me.

That goes hand in hand with my favorite verse of all time. My favorite passage is Psalms 121, but specifically I love the verse that says, "He who keeps you shall neither slumber nor sleep." I tend to forget that God is not human. He doesn't sleep. He knows my pain. He's been there, done that. He isn't going to let me fall. He always hold my hand.

His unfailing love supports me.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Tube Account


I'm moving up in the world. Muah! I have a YouTube account that I'm going to be using primarily for music stuffs. I sing a lot of songs and need to actually start doing something with them, so naturally, I want to post them online where people can see them and critique....hopefully nicely.

Check it out.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Want Results...NOW!

I found myself singing "All in All" subconsciously this morning. I got the part in the lyrics that says, "Seeking you as a precious jewel, Lord, to give up I'd be a fool."

Harsh reality hit me: I've been a fool. In so many ways I've given up in seeking the Lord. When I don't feel like I'm getting the emotional response I need after devos or prayer, I feel like God didn't follow up on His end of the deal. If I spend time in the Word, I'm supposed to get the emotional charge I need for the day, right?

Now, I am not so convinced. Who said you would be invincible after devotions anyways?

I believed that. I thought that my devotion to the Lord would make me more powerful and able to face the day. Devotion to God DOES help those things, but after one day of reading the Proverbs I can't expect to be emotionally strengthened.

Have you ever tried to learn guitar? I have. I played for about two weeks straight. Got calluses and everything, and even started getting pretty good. But, I stopped playing because I wasn't getting the amazing picking results as fast as I wanted. So, I stopped, my calluses went away and I'm still a guitarless noob. Can we be like this spiritually? I believe so! I start reading the Word, praying, but after a few weeks I don't feel like I'm I stop.

And what do you know? A week later? I'm still emotionally dead. God hasn't come any closer and I haven't gotten any holier.

Seeking Jesus as a precious jewel, to give up, I'd be a fool.

I read Psalms 77 this morning, and I found a great example. Asaph, the author of this particular Psalm was clearly in distress. This dude was having issues, and He felt like God was far away. Listen to what He says and the solution He brings to the table. I am not going to post the whole Psalm here, but I encourage you to read it, the whole thing. I pasted the link to it here: Psalms 77.

When he is in distress, He meditates on the goodness and power of God.

We should try this more often. Maybe more of our problems would be solved if we stopped focusing on our problems, and started focusing on how good God is.

I can't stop seeking God. I can't stop seeking Him because I don't get the results I want, I have to keep on keeping on. Even if the only thing that keeps me going is thinking about His power and love.

One thought dominates my mind: God will reward the faithful.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

P31W: Laughing at the Future

Worry. I've been plagued with it. One time, I was angry. The deepest part of my heart was restless. I was unhappy and tired a lot. People even told me I was acting different. I was. I was far from God, far from my family and far from happy.

I realized I was worrying about my future. At this time, big questions like, "What do I do after high-school?" were tormenting me and I chose to dwell on those big questions instead of give them to God. I wasn't taking life one step at a time, with faith. I was trying to plan it all out in a hurry, without prayer or much thought.

It was tearing me apart.

No wonder so many people in life are suicidal, harm themselves or just have problems in general. What do they put their faith in? Who do they trust? I get dry if I don't trust Christ and He is mine! What do the people without Him do? I can't imagine.

The Proverbs 31 Woman knows who to trust in, and the "what ifs" and future don't scare her. 
 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25
I can honestly say that I can't always laugh at the days to come. Sometimes I let the unknowns bog me down so far. I let the mysteries of life turn my mind 'round and 'round till I can't even think anymore. Can anyone relate?

I don't have the answer or solution to this helpless feeling. I don't know how to alleviate that, but I know the one who can do it. Christ! When I bring my helpless self to Him, and lay my problems and worries at His feet, its...its like a burden is falling away. When I come to the place and accept that my life isn't in my control and that God is holding everything in His hands and that there is in fact a reason for everything, I begin to relax. When a believer comes to God, begging for relief from worries and fears, asking Him to heal their faithlessness...He doesn't turn them away.

The P31W is strong! Uncertain futures don't scare her! She loves them! She will see life's mystery as an unforgettable, wonderful journey with a protective Father! She will embrace the unknowns and count them as joys, not burdens. The P31W has strength and dignity! She is respected for her bravery, for the way she faces the future, laughing, daring it to challenge her and her Lord. She is worthy of respect because of her courage. Her courage puts the bravest soldiers to shame. Her quiet peace will turn the heads of any stranger - making the passer-by want to know where she's placed her trust. Her serenity before making decisions is inspiring to everyone around her. She has learned that whatever decision she makes, whatever path she takes, whatever situation she finds herself in...her Jesus is there.

And she laughs.