About Me

So, why do you blog?

Because there is someone who has changed my life. Because there is someone you should know about. Because there is someone who has stolen my heart. Because there is someone who is endlessly patient with me. Because there is one person to go to when we need help. Because we all sin and only one person forgives. Because I have a superhero. Because my Dad is better than any other dad. Because I know someone who works miracles. Because I have fallen into sin cycles that I thought I would never defeat, but someone saved me. Because there is someone that I can talk to in the depths of my loneliness. Because I have a friend better than all other friends. Because someone died on Calvary - thinking about me. Because someone rose again and defeated the powers of death and hell. Because someone has promised to return for me. Because someone has hired me to "go."  Because I know who is victorious.

His name is Jesus.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

Ashley you have a picture of me on here....I look downright scary.

Ashley said...

WHAT? I love it! I think its so adorable. The only weird thing is that my mom looks like its saying "chee". But I think your hair and face look pretty!!