Monday, November 28, 2011

My Favorite Thing About You

There are millions of things - big and small - that I love about You, but for the first time, I think I picked my favorite.

I have vivid memories of begging my dad to flex his muscles. I just needed a little-girl visual of how strong my daddy really was. I needed to know that he could protect me. I wanted to see that his muscles, in comparison to mine, were big and strong and would protect me. I had to feel like he was going to be able to save me if I ever I needed.

Father, I love your muscles. Your strength is what I rely on from day to day. I do not know how I would function if I didn't know that Your strength was backing me up.

For the first time I realized what I would be without You infinite power.

Nothing. Literally nothing.

Hallelujah! There is someone stronger than me. You have been there to wipe every tear off my face, whether I felt You do it or not. You were the one who strengthened me and You did not even punish me for forgetting to give You credit. You enabled me when I was incapable. You stood me up when I was slumping. You lifted my chin when I couldn't take my eyes off the floor. You showed me light when all I saw was darkness. You found me when I ran away. You held my hand when I was scared. You healed my heart when it was broken. You comforted me when I was lonely. You guided me when I strayed from the path.
You. You. You.

You give me purpose when I have no hope. 

Father, people on earth fail me. My earthly father's muscles ended up not being as strong as I thought they were. My muscles aren't as strong as I thought they could be. Not one person has strength. I don't. I'm weak, helpless and hopeless without you. An infant cannot feed or clothe or even move himself without his parent's hand. I am as an infant, helpless in the face of danger.

Without You I cannot do anything. 

Forgive me for my wanderings. I have turned to other sources to view their strength and see if they could protect me and take care of me. I have wasted precious time that I could have spent with You, with other people and things. They have grabbed my attention and played with my heart. Their muscles were impressive for a time, but I finally realized that they didn't hold a candle to the protection You offer. They couldn't compare to the sence of security I have in Your arms. In Your arms, I am not afraid. In Your arms, I know that no one can lay a hand on me. In Your arms, I'm complete, happy and free. The peace that I have in Your arms is something many people only dream about. 

Why did I ever look anywhere else? 

Hold me, Daddy. Show me Your muscles. Engulf me with Your strength today, tomorrow and forever. I never want to leave. Don't let me leave, Daddy. I need You. 

"One life, thats all I am. Right now I can barely stand. If You're everything You say You are. Won't You come close and hold my heart?" - Tenth Avenue North


Becca said...

Very amazing post Sissa. You made me teary. Isn't it wonderfully that our Savior is strong enough to take care of us and He never lets us fall. His strength is unending and it endures forever!

Anonymous said...

Totally off subject, but I just thought I'd let you know that Amanda and I are ENGAGED! Keep up the awesome posts, Ashes!

Kaylin said...

aw, I love this, Ashley! such good reminders. love ya,cuz =]