Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Want Results...NOW!

I found myself singing "All in All" subconsciously this morning. I got the part in the lyrics that says, "Seeking you as a precious jewel, Lord, to give up I'd be a fool."

Harsh reality hit me: I've been a fool. In so many ways I've given up in seeking the Lord. When I don't feel like I'm getting the emotional response I need after devos or prayer, I feel like God didn't follow up on His end of the deal. If I spend time in the Word, I'm supposed to get the emotional charge I need for the day, right?

Now, I am not so convinced. Who said you would be invincible after devotions anyways?

I believed that. I thought that my devotion to the Lord would make me more powerful and able to face the day. Devotion to God DOES help those things, but after one day of reading the Proverbs I can't expect to be emotionally strengthened.

Have you ever tried to learn guitar? I have. I played for about two weeks straight. Got calluses and everything, and even started getting pretty good. But, I stopped playing because I wasn't getting the amazing picking results as fast as I wanted. So, I stopped, my calluses went away and I'm still a guitarless noob. Can we be like this spiritually? I believe so! I start reading the Word, praying, but after a few weeks I don't feel like I'm I stop.

And what do you know? A week later? I'm still emotionally dead. God hasn't come any closer and I haven't gotten any holier.

Seeking Jesus as a precious jewel, to give up, I'd be a fool.

I read Psalms 77 this morning, and I found a great example. Asaph, the author of this particular Psalm was clearly in distress. This dude was having issues, and He felt like God was far away. Listen to what He says and the solution He brings to the table. I am not going to post the whole Psalm here, but I encourage you to read it, the whole thing. I pasted the link to it here: Psalms 77.

When he is in distress, He meditates on the goodness and power of God.

We should try this more often. Maybe more of our problems would be solved if we stopped focusing on our problems, and started focusing on how good God is.

I can't stop seeking God. I can't stop seeking Him because I don't get the results I want, I have to keep on keeping on. Even if the only thing that keeps me going is thinking about His power and love.

One thought dominates my mind: God will reward the faithful.


Lexi W. said...

Can I get an amen??? I am TOTALLY going through this right now, and God just keeps showing me how big and awesome He is. And I'm like "how is this supposed to help me?" But God is bigger than our problems, and I think He is trying to tell me that and much more, thanks for posting Ashley!!!!!!!!!

Kaylin Waldrop said...

I've been here many times before. Keep striving after Jesus like the verse on your profile says. And be encouraged- He won't give up on you. Which reminds me of the song "you won't relent" by misty edwards. If you haven't heard it, look it up! :) luv ya, cuz