Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I don't really have a life right now. I seriously haven't been home at all. And when I am home (e.g. this afternoon) I crash on my bed. It has been hectic. I will post as much as I can though. Keep checking. :)


LoVizzle said...

When you're non-stop busy, doesn't that mean you DO have a life? I associate "not having a life" with having nothing to do!

Ryan Tucker said...

Ashley! I so forgot to tell you! I am so sorry! For yearbook, Mr. Counts wants us to draw some concepts for the yearbook cover! It shouldn't take long. I drew about four little one in 10 minutes. I forgot to tell you though! I'm sorry!

Ashley said...

@LoVizzle: You're right. I was trying to say that I am so busy I don't have time to do anything. Lol!

@Ryan: RYAN! So NOW you tell me? Hahahahaha. It's totally okay. I'm giving you a hard time. I figure something out. ;)