Monday, May 9, 2011

Reminisce With Me

This will only mean anything to those who have been there. I have been contemplating past EI experiences and miss some of the friends I made terribly. They are special people and this post is for them. Not to mention that some great great people from my church were a part too. Peace and love to Tennesseeans too. Friends reminisce with me as I post pictures from 2009-10. I miss all of you.


Becca and I with our adopted brother, Atsen. 
My team. It had Iain on it. He is back there somewhere. We thought we were going to dominate at everything....we didn't.

Spoons. Yes, we stooped that low.

Love this pic...but look at me....wowzers.

Captures us. Completely. Love you Nomes.

Aww...sweet girls.

heh...heh. Love you two.

Uh, this pretty much sums our relationship....Jk.
A day at the lake.
Riding the waves...

Evangelizing down town...this is one of my favs.

The soo priceless play. You remember it?

A random guy someone took a picture of from the van window. Point? None.


My hangout group. I miss you two!

The winning team....not mine, btw.

Most hysterical skit in history. I thought I  was going to die.

Gotta love those Johnsons. Man, I miss them.

My Hopie!

This is Nathan and Brian being...Nathan and Brian?
Me and my big bro again!
My team (Nathaniel was on it! Yay!). I've never had as much fun. We didn't win, but made some gooood memories.


Jessy said...

This makes me wanna go to EI so much more!!!!! *runs to mom and begs to let her go*!!!!! Question though!!!! Since when were you and iguana?!?!?!? :B

Ashley said...

You should. Lol.

Okay, this took me a really long time to figure out what you were saying....but I get it now! HA! *is offended* Ingunna? I would never stoop that low! It's chameleon. Thank you very much!

Ashley said...

Chameleon with attitude....btw.

Carleeeeeee ;p said... 2 are so weird. Lol, Ash. I'm planning on next year! Everyone tells me I should go. BTW, I couldn't understand what she typed either. I was like the E and I were close together, so it confused me. Lol, missed you today as school. It was sad only seeing you for like 2 seconds, and then getting in trouble for "poking" you in class. *dies laughing at Mr. Pinzur's comment about that* Wow, we really are like little kids! Anyways, I haven't even gone to EIG and looking at these pics makes me want to GO super bad. Love you my little chameleon friend. :)

Jessy said...

My bad poopsie!!!!;)

Katherine said...

Thanks so much for posting that, Ashley!! I can't wait until we go again this year! :) I love looking at pictures so feel free to post them anytime....! :P

LoVizzle said...

Where've you been? Seriously! You haven't commented on my blog in three weeks! What's going on? You've missed out on some really good posts!

Kaley Grace said...

Oh my goodness. You know the Martins?! Cause, they're really good friends of my family! Haha, this sounds really stalkerish! But that is SO COOL!

(And Thanks for following my blog, btw!! :D)

Ashley said...

@Katherine: Your welcome! I can't wait for this year!

@Lov: Been crazy bro! I'll catch up!

@Kaley: Huh? Are you kidding? One of the Martin boys is one of my best friends. Thats SO WEIRD! How do you know them?!?! I go to church with them!

Kaley Grace said...

Aaaah so crazy! :) Well, my parents used to live in TN, and they were really good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Then I was born, and we lived there for like two more years, and then moved. But we've definitely kept in contact with them - I actually saw them about two months ago. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, lol! :)