Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Boy,

I want to protect you. Everything I do is for your protection. The rules I have laid out are so that you will not make bad decisions and harm yourself and some precious young lady. You haven't listened. If you did, you would have heard My Word. You would have understood why I have asked the things I have. You would have desired to obey.

You complain, "Purity is too hard." But, I promise to walk every step with you. I promise to be your best friend and a crying shoulder when you need one. I promise to be the one you can turn to for strength. I promise to be the one you can count on for moral support. But, you've forgotten that I'm here.

You say, "I want fulfillment in a relationship now!" But, I warn you countless times. What you need is not a relationship with a beautiful young lady. What you need is a relationship with Me. Only I can give you what you need. You are too young and clumsy to handle someone's heart. With time, you will only break hers and damage your own. But, after you spend time with Me, I will teach you how to treat a heart with honor, respect and the highest love.

You demand, "Why can't I have her? Why can't she be mine?" Child, it is not time. Trust Me. She will only distract you and tempt you to stray from Me and worship her as your god. I have higher plans for you than that.

You say, "I'll fulfill my desires somewhere else." Son, have you heard anything I said? I said "Who can heap burning coals into his lap and not be burnt?" Flee from sexual immorality. Those images and what you choose to dwell on will only hurt you in the long run. It may create some satisfaction now, but I promise your disobedience will reap the true reward one day.

You promise, "I promise to take care of her." No, you don't. You have set yourself up for failure all along. How can you promise to take care of a woman's heart when all you've been is impatient, lustful, and discontent? You told her, "You are the only one for me" but then you look at pornography on the internet. How can I intrust a woman into your care? Only so she feels like she must compete with the trash you've allowed into your mind? Only to feel unworthy of the expectations you have? Only to feel like she doesn't have your whole heart? Never! I love my children too much! You haven't done anything, nor showed any responsibility worthy of possessing one of my beautiful children. The choices you are making now will affect the rest of your life. If you are unsatisfied and turn to porn or some other sexual habit for fulfillment, who says you won't in a marriage relationship. If you are too impatient to wait till marriage for sex, who says you won't have sex outside of marriage? If you don't care that much about her now, you will not treasure her heart later.

Stop playing around with my children. And for My sake, stop doing it in My name. You worship me and say, "God has set-up this relationship." No! Have you even consulted in Me or My Word? I am condemning this relationship. Anything that takes My place in your life, is not worthy or holy. I am to be first in everything.

You say, "Why hasn't anything worked for me?" Because you didn't listen. I warned you of the dangers of sexual sin and you proceeded anyway. You refused to discipline yourself to wait, and now, you've left a path of destruction. You've looked after one person - yourself. You sinned and sinned and lost everything that meant anything to you. Now, you have no satisfaction, no purity, no discipline to wait, and no girl to wait for.

Don't raise your fist at me in anger, I warned you and you did not listen.

Your Maker

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Ryan said...

Wow. That was really good ashley! You are very talented.
Very convicting and very well written.