Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looking at a Little Star from the Warmth of My Home

Sometimes, things just randomly hit you. Looking out the window tonight, I saw the beautiful crescent moon and a star directly next to it. I was totally overcome at that little star. For a two reasons that are totally unrelated.

First, that star is so noticeable because it's right next to the moon. Isn't that how our lives are? We are something because God has us in His hands and in the shelter of His wings. We shine brightly because for some incomprehensible reason, God bestowed favor on us.

Second, it dawned on me that I was viewing that star from inside a home. Simple conclusion, but that fact is one that I don't take the time to dwell on. Then, it sent me to thinking about all the things I'm not.
I'm not homeless. On the contrary, I live in a nice, warm, big home.
I'm not hungry. I just got done eating soup.
I'm not alone. I have my mother always.
I'm not friendless. I have many, old and new.
I'm not uneducated. I have had great schooling.
I'm not unhealthy. My body serves me well - even though it doesn't run fast at practice.
I'm not lost. Jesus has found me.
I'm not persecuted. I freely exercise my faith in Christ.

Wow. Just that short little list is so awesome. I seriously complain so much of the freaking time about all the stuff going on in my life. But, when I look at people who have it worse than me, I realize how foolish and pointless my gripping is. Cause I'm so blessed. Really.

When I was at Shabbot last night, I learned something really cool. Jordan spoke and he said that his shadow will never know what it feels like to be the body. The shadow will never feel temperature, pain, or anything. I guess I tend to ask stupid questions, like "Why me, Father?" because of little things that are inconvenient for me. But, for God, everything that happens to me all plays out and fits the purpose and plan for the world and for me. I have to stop acting like I'm mistreated because I don't understand "why" something happens. I gotta just realize that I'm never going to be the body. I'm never going to be able to understand the depths and purpose for things, because my mind is entirely too finite. I can't wrap my mind around God and His purposes because God is just too big. I'm too small.

To conclude, I realized that I gotta stop acting ridiculous and put out about little things in my life because a) I'm blessed and b) I won't understand my Daddy's reasons.

^Scatterbrained post.

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