Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dancing Solo - And Loving Every Minute

She comes home from work. Butterflies are in her stomach. She has told herself a thousand times not to hope to much, but it hasn't worked. Valentines Day is a day when a lot of people reveal their true feelings about each other. Although she tried not to, she dreamed about a special letter coming in the mail. One confessing affection....even if it was a secret admirer. Just to know that someone thought she was special - would be enough.

She pulls into the driveway and parks. Then jogs across the road to retrieve her mail. Her hand hovers over the lid of the mailbox and she prays. "Please...let there be something. I need to know that someone thinks I'm special."

She grips the mail and pulls it out. Right there, she flipped through the mail.

Nothing but bills and advertisements.

She shuffles back to the car. She isn't one to be negative but she mutters to herself, "Another Valentine's Day and I'm still a nobody to everyone."

Valentines Day is hard for singles. Especially if your the hard-core romantic, dreamer type (like me. :D). I dream of having a guy head over heals for me. What a special thing that will be. And Valentines just seems like the perfect day to start a relationship and be in love. So many people are, everyone but yourself it feels like. No fair. Why is it always me, right?

She plops onto her couch and stares at the ceiling. She feels like nothing will ever change and her mind wonders off to a handsome man of her imagination and wonders if he exists. Is she always going to be like this? Is anyone ever going to love her?

She fights angry tears. She is mad. Mad at herself for being so boring and plain. Mad that she - Her thought gets cut off by something on her dresser. She walks over. A single rose and a worn piece of paper lie there. The paper simply reads, "I love you and that's all that matters. Wait. With love, Your Father"

I think sometimes we forget that this time in our lives is a growing period and many times significant interest in the opposite sex will only distract us. I know I forget that right now, I'm the center of Christ's affection and that's all that matters. And He needs to be the center of MY affection. No one else. If we are striving to be men and women of the Lord, then the best thing we can do is be happy where he has placed us. And you know, there is a lot of things you can do as a single person that you won't be able to do as a married one. So take advantage! Don't let those opportunities pass you. You are preparing for the rest of your life - now, so act like it. If you are single, then blossom as a single person.

Sometimes, i think of it this way. A dancer can dance beautifully with someone else. Dances between a man and a woman (especially on ice) are so beautiful. They can do some really cool things together. But think about it, they have to work together and maybe not do the dance the way they would like because they have to gel with that other person. But, a solo dancer can do some really incredible things too. He or she doesn't have to worry about messing up or being out of time with each other. They can do the dance from their hearts and let it take them wherever.

We should look at our singleness like that. No telling where God is going to take us, so just dance your dance with all the heart you can muster and let God. He is going to bring someone else on the stage soon enough. Until then, choreograph your routines, practice your jumps, and be creative with your path and enjoy it! You won't be a soloist again (Unless there is a tragedy but lets not think about that because it will depress this post.).

Right now, we have one person to dance for. Christ.

Yeah, it's going to be disappointing when Monday comes and goes with no special card or chocolate, but let's strive to think about God's huge love for us and be inspired. 


LunaPuma said...

I LOVE THIS! It's so true! Great post, Ashley!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much!!

LoVizzle said...

I totally agree. It's hard to be single, especially when you want to be in love. There's nothing more I want than to find the one, one who I can trust with everything and one I can grow in Christ with and build my life with. But think about it: Isn't Jesus all that and more for us? Don't waste the single years in envy, when Jesus is standing there waiting on you to focus on Him!

Ashley said...

I have to remind myself of just that. Everyday. I have to look up and say, "God, satisfy me. You ARE enough." And He meets in precious ways. *jumps* YAY! Isn't He good? Great advice there, LoV.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, this is great! So true, I have just been discussing this recently with a couple people! And it has been encouraging, not so much because I am wanting a relationship right now, but to be encouraged to use this time of our lives for Christ. Because its so true that we are never (Lord willing) going to have this opportunity again! :)

Ali Jane

Ashley said...

ALI! I'm so glad you visited my blog! Thanks so much for your encouragement. You guys leaving comments makes me want to keep posting and go on.

Anonymous said...

:) I don't have a blog, so I had to comment as anonymous! hehe
But I will always sign my name so you know who it is! :)

Ali Jane <3

Ashley said...

Thanks! I hate it when people don't tell me who they are. Lol. You don't have to have a blog to have a profile though (through blogger or google, I think). You can make one easy. Then you can follow blogs and have a dashboard and stuff. It's handy...especially if there are good blogs out there that you like to keep up with.

Emily said...

This was a great post! Happy Valentines day!

Anna Rentfro said...
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