Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Opportunity to Give Back to God

Hi everyone,

These are the testimonies of people who have been blessed by the scholarship program at Camp Barnabas.

"I cannot tell you what the scholarship funds mean to our family, without them camp would not be possible. Camp is the one week that my husband and I have a chance to focus on our relationship, it means so much to us to have this week. Because of our child’s illness, I cannot work. I provide care for her constantly but, thanks to the scholarship fund, we get to give our daughter a wonderful week at camp and our marriage a recharge. Thanks so much for the help.”  - A mother of a special girl with a rare genetic disorder
"Camp is the best week of my life. I realized at camp that God really does love me just the way I am and I want to go and tell everyone about God and my relationship with Him, but I think I am too shy. I am so thankful you have a scholarship fund that helps me be able to attend camp, it is the best place in the world, I think maybe it is a lot like heaven.”  - Ashley (young camper with spina bifida)

I am helping an organization called Camp Barnabas raise money for their camper scholarship program. Camp Barnabas provides life-changing opportunities for people with special needs and chronic diseases in a summer camp setting. These incredible people learn that they are uniquely created with abilities as they enjoy swimming, canoeing, horseback riding and lots of summertime fun.

More than 60% of the people who come to camp receive at least a partial scholarship. No one has ever been turned away from camp because of a financial need and it takes over $300,000 to make that possible.

I'd like to be able to count on you to make a donation to the organization so that I can help them fulfill their mission. So visit my website!!

Giving is easy! Simply click on my Fundraising Site address below to visit my personal fundraising page. You can read more about what we do here as well as make a secure donation online.

Thank you for your support! God is using your financial gifts to change lives! Please forward this message!

Ashley Jones

(Email me with any questions: faraboverubiesatattdotnet)

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