Saturday, March 5, 2011

Apologies, Updates and Congrats

I am sorry about the lack of good, meaningful posts recently you all. I've been so busy. Allowing myself just enough time to get to post a little picture here and there, so as to not bore my readers.  I leave on Monday for a week for Regional Convention in Bowling Green. I'm excited, but boy am I busy! There is so much that still needs to be prepared. But the stress is part of the fun - and I don't think there is anything I like better than fun competition.

When I come back, I'm going to start on Proverbs 31 Women posts again. So stay tuned. The reason I'm not doing them now is it takes me a little time...(I'm slow at collecting thoughts, plus for those posts I do some research and reading - which just adds to the time problem.). But hopefully, I'll return into them full swing by next weekend. Until then, I'll just say something here and there, post a picture, post a video or something like that.

On the bright side, our Convention Performance Night was a GREAT SUCCESS! We were able to hold a crowd for over three hours. What a blessing. We got worried that the program would be too long and people would get bored, but they LOVED IT and we got a standing-o at the end!! Not one performance that went on the stage was a fail. It was wonderful - all of it!!! So to all my readers who performed, "You were spectacular and you music and drama brought glory to God." We raised over six hundred dollars. Not bad for a little church and much MUCH better than we have done in the past.

I am continually encouraged by the spirit of UCA. Seriously. When someone got done with a performance, there was always a bombardment of hugs waiting for them the second they walked off the stage and through the doors. I was SO encouraged by a few friends who ran all the way around the building to listen to my solo and then came all the way back around to hug me when I was finished. I was SOO NERVOUS because I have never belted (style of singing, btw) in front of people before O.o and they totally made me feel better. We can't lose that. We always need to be like that with people. Loving and all-inclusive. It's blessed me many many times, and I know we have been part of changing and blessing other people.

I have a God Tube channel. Watch videos from the performance on there and keep checking back. I'll upload some from convention too. :)

After a successful night, I'm READY BEYOND READY for convention. Bring. It. On.

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