Monday, March 14, 2011

P31W: Purity Dreams of It's Future

YAY! I'm finally posting again! Thanks for bearing with me, you all.

Today, I'm going to be talk about how purity dreams of it's future. A thought spurred and planted by Dannah Gresh, from her book, and the Bride Wore White. This is one of my favorite chapters in the book. Every person dreams about the future him or her. It's exciting to think about. I dream of dating some adorable guy, falling in love, having a small beautiful wedding and spending our lives together - laughing, crying, raising kids, having tender moments...

Everyone is going to have reasons they wait for marriage to be intimate or have relationships. But for me, the strongest reason is this: I want to present myself to my husband as pure and whole - in the heart, spirit and body. Think of it! No, really. THINK OF IT! If there is something that should motivate us, it should be our future husband!

YAY!!! *runs around*

Another way that purity dreams of it's future is by aiming for something. I love the way Dannah says it, "If you aim at'll hit it." Pure P31W know what they want. They aren't picky indecisive females who can't make up their minds. They think about things then do them with wisdom. "She considers a field and buys it." Purity will dream about it's future husband.

What do you see in your husband?

List some qualities.

What is important for him to have? What is a maker or breaker? What isn't so important, but would be nice? What is so important that he DOESN'T have that you will not consider him if he does? Many, many girls date for the sake of doing it. Just for the heck of it. Girls, P31W do things with a purpose. Dating for the sake of it is dangerous. It gives us scars, eats our energy, and could trap us in very exhausting, repetitive loops of immorality.

I know I posted on this topic recently, but I'll say it again. It's totally okay for us to know and find what type of guy we want. It's okay to notice good character in guys and think, "I would like to have THAT in my husband some day." Write it down. I did. So when I find that my heart is flipping over a guy, I can refer to that list and the Bible and see if he is the type of guy that matches the Lord's and my standard.

Now, now, that doesn't mean if Mr. Perfect matches your list that you can throw everything out the window and pursue him. We still have to wait on God's timing. I just find this list as a guideline on what to look for and it keeps my heart from getting to attached and entangled in fantasies about someone that God would not want me to have.

I encourage you all to grab a pen and notebook and dig into the scripture to find Godly character that a husband should have and look at how they should lead their home - write those down. Then write down the personalities you think would gel with yours, then the physical features! Dream! It's okay to do that. The personality and physical part don't hold to like the Bible - they don't matter in the long run (I mean, I'd take an ugly but Godly guy over a gorgeous but mean guy anyway...), but it's still fun.

Write him a letter. Nothing will get you more excited than thinking of the things you want to tell your husband right now. If you could write a letter and give it to him, what would it say? Would you talk about the things you want to do eventually? Or what it is you will love about him? Maybe the way you are praying for him? I've done it multiple times - once for a letter writing challenge I did (It's in the blog archives somewhere.).

Pray for him. If you want to do something for your future, pray for your husband! Prayer does change things!! You never know, you could be praying for him when he is in total despair and God could lift his spirit in response to your prayer. His life could be changed, or his walk strengthened. Our prayers don't bounce off the ceiling. Listen to this verse on prayer! I love it! "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16) 

What a great promise!


Why are you waiting? For me, the reason is simply this. On my wedding night I want to be able to say, "I have a whole body and heart to give to you." And I want to spend the rest of my life unashamed-ly, and wholly in love with him. Just him. Forever. 


I believe in fairy tale happiness in marriage. Is it because of how we handle our marriage? Yeah! But more than that, I believe it's the patterns and standards that we set as young, single people. I believe it has a lot to do with...with...well, dreaming.


LoVizzle said...

I loved this post! It's great to finally read a P31W again after, what, a couple of weeks??

I've written several journal entries in my previous journal to my future wife. It's so cool to do that. I haven't written an entry since before Christmas, but that's okay with me.

What do I look for in a girl? What will I demand in my wife? Character, modesty, integrity, trust, wisdom, knowledge, and maturity. Also...

I don't want my wife to always be worried about her past; I want her to focus on the present and future. I want a woman who loves all people and gets along with everyone. I want a girl who loves to have a good time and enjoys friends and movies and concerts and outings. I want a girl who loves church and loves to serve and help others. I want a woman who will tell me everything and keep no secrets (except birthday and Christmas and etc lol). I want a woman who fears the Lord more than anything else.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the great comment!!

And yeah, it has been toooo long!