Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maybe Tomorrow

I had every intention of posting tonight. Really, I did. But I just finished my English paper and I don't want to type at all. Maybe I can tomorrow.

On a lighter note Rally Day was great. Had tons of fun. I was the greeter, so my cheeks are hurting from smiling so long, and I had WAY to much sweet tea. I was SOOO hyper. I hold all the girls at the drink table responsible. They should have physically restrained me...they know what caffeine does. *rolls eyes* Oh, well, I guess I should stop blame shifting. It wasn't bad - it just made my day more interesting because I noticed the small things that shouldn't have been hilarious at all and appreciated them more than everyone else.

On an even brighter note, Chick Fil A called and I have a second interview on Friday. :) Prayer would be appreciated. I need, I mean, I really need a job.

Be back soon...


Carleeeeeee ;p said...

Hey Ash, I love you sis! My World Lit. Paper sucks! But I guess what's what happens when you are trapped in you gloomy basement all day and post a couple things. See 'ya @ school tomorrow!

Ashley said...

WHAT?!?! Trapped in your gloomy basement all day? Seal, you got home around 3:00p.m.!! I would know...I was with you! What the heck?


*sings* I wuv chuuu!

Oh, and I don't think that I'm gonna be able to stay at school for lunch tomorrow.

*is sad*

LoVizzle said...

It's true, you were stuck in the basement all day! It's so dark down there. I couldn't see anything after walking in from the street. You should've seen where we served lunch. It was a huge dining hall with a TON of windows :)

Ashley said...

Oh, sounds nice. Well, it wasn't too bad though I admit that it gets a tad gloomy in the clean up area. IT was so beautiful yesterday though.

But I assumed Carlee was talking about her basement...where she most likely wrote her paper, which *yells loud enough for her to hear* isn't that bad. I read it...I would know.