Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is Love.

A woman. Is flawlessly faithful with her husband. Perfect. Is everything a man could ask for, works hard, beautiful, submits to him and loves him unconditionally. But tragically, she finds out that her husband has been unfaithful. She is heart-broken. Naturally.

Jesus. Is flawlessly faithful with His bride. He is everything she could ask for. He died for her. He provides for her in a way no man ever could. A constant companion, shelter, protection and lover. Tragically, his bride is constantly unfaithful and disregards the precious gift that He is. She spits on His gift, and doesn't obey His requests. He asks so little. He gave His life and she can't even serve Him. He is heart-broken. Naturally?

Why do I have this mental picture that God doesn't really get hurt when we reject Him?

I'm everything no one would ask for. Not even a human. But God, my God, my Savior, the Lord, the King - serves, loves, protects, clothes, feeds, spiritually nourishes, comforts, helps, teaches, and enjoys being with me.

I have a fantasy-like happiness waiting in the relationship with my God - one many only can dream about. I have someone to run to. I have someone to bear my burdens with me. I have someone to talk to when I'm alone. I have someone who never tires of hearing my voice. I have someone will provide for all my needs according to His riches in glory. I have someone to sing to in the night. I have someone to be close to. I have someone to share my thoughts with - the silly and serious ones. I have someone who will always understand no matter what my situation is. I have someone who embraces me with the sunshine. I have some who kisses me with the wind. I have someone who sings back to me with cricket symphonies. I have someone who has sent me infinite love letters. I have someone who never gets impatient. I have someone who loves me - ME - despite the fact that I - I - put Him on the cross. I have someone who payed for my sin, so when He looks at me He sees Himself. I have someone who lifts my chin when I'm downcast. I have someone to celebrate with when I am happy. I have someone to share my deepest thoughts and desires with. I have someone who calms my temper and whispers "shhhhhh" softly in my ear. I have someone who -even- when I fail miserably will still hold open His arms for me to jump back in.

What am I doing with my life? Why am I holding back? Why am I not giving Him my all? What is so important that I keep hanging on to? Why am I still looking for love?


God forgive me. I am a fool.


Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one, Ashley. Very deep blog. I must dwell on this.

papa charlie said...

very deep indeed, ashley... putting goose bumps on my old skin. you asked many questions.. is it now the time to listen for answers?

Ben said...

Ashley Thanks for sharing that it reminded me of how much God loves us.

Aunt Robin said...

Ashley that was touching. I love you.

Katherine said...

Ashley, thanks so much for posting that. It really make us stop and think. Thanks again, and thanks to our Father Who is so great to us! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks you guys. I'm glad it was encouraging to you all.

@Papa Charlie: Thanks for stopping by and reading. Yes, it is time for answers and that is the awesome thing about my God. He doesn't just care that we get ot heaven but He loves us enough to also have a personal relationship with us. Being in His Word gives me so many answers. The answers to the last questions I asked is: I am a sinner. And I have this mindset that happiness comes from the world and the things and comforts it offers me. The Bible talks about people and how they love the darkness. BUT the good news is that I have a patient and loving God who constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, is working to show me that He is, will be, and can be the source of my happiness and fulfillment forever - no matter what is going on around me. If we place our comfort in the world we can plan to be disappointed, but putting our trust in the Lord is what will give us life-long joy. That is why the Bible has the verse that is so reassuring, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil." And I'm trying to remember that everyday. My life isn't based on my circumstances but in Christ. And He is faithful. That is a relationship worth pursuing. :)

Sorry, I'm so long winded.

Love ya!

Kyle Cheng said...

I really, really enjoyed this post. It is such an awesome comparison of our unfaithfulness to God. Thanks so much for the encouragement!