Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My first ever script!

                 A Different Kind of Blind                                                  Written by Ashley Jones and taken from John 9

Man: [ecstatic] Can you believe it? I can actually see! I can’t believe things look the way they look! The colors, the people…the…That man! He healed me. I have to find him…”
Pharisee: Okay, okay…I know you’re excited but give the glory to our God in Heaven. That man…He’s a mere sinner.
Man: I don’t know who He is. But there is one thing I can tell you. [last sentence hang]
Pharisee: Yesss?
Man: I was blind, but now I see.
Pharisee. [rubbing temples] Yes! I know…we’ve established that 29,000 times.
Man: Sheesh! Give me some slack. You’d be excited too, Mr. Anti-Emotional.
Pharisee: Now for the last time, tell me what happened. How did He get you to see?
Man: Well, He was passing by me. I was sitting by that road on the side vineyard at I-40. Ya know where I’m talking about?
Pharisee: [nods]
Man: Well it was a lovely morning. I was just minding my own business, begging. The normal. I could feel the sun shining on my skin. It was so warm. If I could’a picked a day to receive my sight – I would have picked a day like this, with all the birds chirping and people running around the vineyard….
Pharisee: [annoyed] Please, I have a meeting to attend. [pretends to look at watch] Oh, now! Spare me the details.
Man: Oh right. Okay, well basically what happened…to cut a long story short. Jesus passed by me and I heard Him talking to His disciples about me, which I thought wasn’t very nice – I mean, I was blind and all but not deaf. But after I listened to what they were saying I didn’t mind as much. His disciples asked, “Who sinned? This man or his parents that he should be born blind?” Then Jesus said, “Neither. It is so the work of Christ can be shown in His life.”
Pharisee: Is that so? Work of Christ? [shakes head in disgust]
Man: I remember the exact words Jesus said before He speaking to me. He said, “While I am in the World – I am the light of the World.”
Pharisee: He said that huh? Wonder what He meant by that. [calling over shoulder] Bill, take a note of it. Then what?
Man: Then He spit on the ground, mixed the dirt with His spit and said, “Go wash in the pool of Siloam.”
[Man stops]
Pharisee: Is that all?
Man: Yes. I made my way to the pool of Siloam and I see.
Pharisee: Ridiculous heretic! He calls himself the Light of the World!
Man: I don’t see why you’re so upset He gave me my sight! What is there to find fault in?
Pharisee: This ‘Jesus’ has been calling God His Father. He blasphemes. [thinking] What do you think about the man?
Man: I think He is a prophet at least. I think He could be the Mess-
Pharisee: That’s quite enough! Now, tell me one more time what happened.
Man: [motioning] He came. Spit. Put mud on eyes. Told me “Go.” I wash. I see.
Pharisee: I need details!
Man: You told me to cut the details…
Pharisee: Well, un-cut them!
Man: Look I already told you and you did not listen. Wait, do you want to be His disciple too?
Pharisee: His disciple? Oh—I will avoid being seen with that man at all cost. He is a sinner, deserving death! [pointing at blind man] You’re His disciple! I am a disciple of Moses.
Man: Moses? But He-
Pharisee: God spoke directly to Moses. But this man? This carpenter? This magic man? This lowly being with no place to rest His head? Is not from Heaven.
Man: Now that is remarkable!
Pharisee: What?
Man: You are confused about where He came from but He opened my eyes! I see! No one…NO ONE has ever heard of a man’s blind-from-birth eyes being opened. And yet, He’s not of Heaven?
Pharisee: You sinner! You were born in sin and you are trying to teach me? A Pharisee? My position is one of superior knowledge. You have no right!
Man: But why can’t you see?
Pharisee: See? Why can’t I see? Are you suggesting that I’m blind too? You’re one to ask! He breaks the law…healing on the Sabbath, preparing food on the Sabbath and worst of all – eating with sinners. This man is not who you think He is.
Man: Then explain the miracles.
Pharisee: He’s of the devil.
Man: But He casts out demons. What demon would cast out another demon?
Pharisee: You have no right to be challenging me in this way. You’re out of line!
[Pharisee throws Him out]
Man: [struggling to get out] You’re the blind one!
[Man straightens up]
Lord, I believe. Though the rest off the world may not understand, I do. You’ve opened my eyes. I know that you are the promised Messiah. It’s plain as day. [looking up and holding out arms] Plain as the sun. Well, it wouldn’t have been unless you showed me. I once was lost, but now I’m found. I was blind…but now I see.  

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