Saturday, October 23, 2010

My 24 Commandments of NaNoWriMo

Yep, it is what it looks like. My own personalized 23 Commandments strictly about NaNo (see previous post). It wasn't until I wrote these did I realize the magnitude of my commitment.!  

 1: Thou shalt leave sanity behind. Embraceth the insanity on thy insane mission.
2: Thou shalt shout on the streets and by-ways what thee are doing.
3: Thou shalt make a covenant with thy mother to finish the novel or wash the dishes every night for a fort-night.
4: Thou shalt reward thyself upon finishing with a new CD.
5: Thou shalt not, absolutely NOT, let thyself think that anything is more important than thy novel.
6: Thou shalt think often of thy finished product.
7: Thou shalt act out the scenes as thou writeth them.
8: Thou shalt never read over what thou hast written.
9: Thou shalt never listen to Eddie.
10: Thou shalt always drink tea.
11. Thou shalt not procrastinate.
12. Thou shalt writeth the daily word count or thee will be smote with fire.
13. Thou shalt keep up with thy devotions and thy homework.
14. Thou shalt write whileist babysitting.
15. Thou shalt write on Friday night until thy glow stick dims.
16. Thou shalt day-dream about thy novel when thee should be doing other things.
17. Thou shalt encourage plot bunnies.
18. Thou shalt be random in all thee writeth.
19. Thou shalt not get on the forum until thy daily word quota is achieved.
20. Thou shalt kill a character with thee traveling shovel of death in some way.
21. Thou shalt write while eating.
22. Thou shalt not forgeteth to exercise or thou willst gain pounds.
23. Thou shalt dream up conflicts. 
24. Thou shalt have fun!


Becca said...

Thou art such an idiot but I loveth thee!

"Thou shalt writeth the daily word count or thee with be smote with fire" *pees*

"Thou shalt not forgeteth to exercise or thou willst gain pounds." *pees again* I will work out with you Sissa. Three times a week. That's a pact we have to keep.

i have a question and a comment.

Question: Does this mean that I don't have a sister for a month? *growl* I hate NaNoWriMo. *slight smile* That's okay though. I support you.

Comment: Your spelling is atrocious, but you just made me laugh which was very much needed.

One more comment: I LOVE YOU!

Ashley said...

Little one, I'm overjoyed that ye supporteth me.

Lol. I'm so glad it made ya laugh. I love you too!

And weeeelll, I'll do my best to not be an anti-social bum the next month okay? WAIT! You should just do NANOWRIMO TOO!


But, at the least we'll work out together....I LOVE YOU!