Sunday, June 5, 2011

Confession Session

Okay, so I can officially award myself as the "worst blogger in the world." I feel bad that I've let things slip for so long. I have wanted too, but at the same time I haven't. I think it may also be  a reflection of what is going on with my heart. For some weird reason I've just kinda lost some of my steam when it comes to my relationship with the Lord. I think it may be as simple as letting the stuff in my life get in the way. But, I'm seeking healing and trying to dive back into the Word like old times. Maybe I'll start getting some more inspiration to write. I am blessed when I remember that I'm the one who moved away. Yeah, it makes me sorta mad at myself, but at the same time I feel tremendous blessing when I think of it. God is going to be there when I come. I just have to...come.

That...that...kinda makes me feel stupid. Why have I been away so long? *kicks a rock*

Prayer would be great. I need it. Some people have given me the impression that they think I've got my ducks in a row and life is good. Well, if you've ever thought that or my blog (God forbid) has ever given you that isn't true. I have so many questions, problems, pride issues and's ridiculous. I feel like a basket case sometimes when I come to God. Almost like this, "Uh, God. Well, there is so much going on with me, I don't know where You want to start."

So, again, prayer would be great.

On a brighter note, I realized that June 3rd, was Striving for a Crown's 1'st birthday! *balloons* Happy Birthday dear ol' blog of mine! Just want to say thank you to all my faithful followers who have put up with my inconsistency and random thoughts for so long. You guys have given me the motivation to write. And thanks to those of you who spread the word. The facebook links and blog references have helped me gain followers like crazy. I know because I can track it. ;) I've been holding over 1,000 views monthly. I never would've imagined that, starting out, but you guys have seriously been so supportive. Anyways...I'm rambling bad.

I'm going to try and post a Proverbs 31 Woman post. Please know that the post isn't from someone who has the answers, but from someone who is searching as well. Okay?

Over and out!

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LoVizzle said...

It's SO GOOD to have you back! My blog has been Ashley-less for like six weeks, and that's six weeks too many ;D Glad to have you back!