Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Leaving

Totally His Youth Conference is coming tomorrow! I'm going to South Carolina! I cannot wait. I'm dying to see old friends, make new ones and listen to the FABULOUS sermons.

That being said, "I shall be gone until Saturday. Not like anyone will miss me anyways. I haven't been posting at all lately (this time it was because I seriously didn't have the time, its been crazy over here. :P).

Because of the great spiritual atmosphere at Totally His, I'm going to have GREAT stuff to post about when I get back. Not to mention that its about time to wrap up my Proverbs 31 Women posts.

Looking forward to coming back. Check here Saturday night or Sunday, and hopefully I'll have something up.

Rejoice! Today is the day the Lord has made!

1 comment:

joyfaith said...

oh Ashley, I will miss you so much! I love you too<3 Shiphy