Saturday, April 2, 2011

Squishing Roses

There is a little girl that I know that I am 100% sure that I would lay my life down for. My almost two-year-old niece, Brooklyn. That girl is a ball of energy! Full of fire, smiles and hugs. She has curly, ringlet hair that is frizzy as ever, but just adds to cuteness.

"Brookin" the other day kept pointing to a scar on my leg and saying "Ow." I said, "Yeah, it's an owie. It hurt!" Then she repeated kissed it trying to make it all better! She is such a joy and her eyes soak in everything, trying to learn.

I have been thinking a lot about her innocence. When things all around her are going bad, she still sits happy at the dinning room table, eating her grapes. In her eyes, we have her covered and there is nothing to worry about. She will jump to me from the table because there is no doubt in her mind that I'm going to catch her.

Often, I think I should be more like her. She is so trusting of fallible human beings. Yet, I sometimes have trouble trusting a infallible God.

Only moments ago Brooklyn ran from my room. We were jumping on the work-out trampoline together. Jumping, she saw something on my dresser that she wanted to take a closer look at - my purple rose mom picked from the garden for me. She pointed and I brought it to the floor to show her. Her immediate instinct was to wrap her fat little fingers around it,  and she did. But I said, "No, no Brookin! Gentle! We have to be gentle or the rose will break." She looked at me confused. She tried to smash it again and I had to remind her again. And again. And again. Then I told her smell it, she did and then tried to take a bite out of it. :D I guess it smelled good!
Eventually, she got it. She stuck her index finger out, quickly rubbed it across the flower and said, "Hentle".

I think we are this way with God. God has to reminds us of His promises over and over and over. He has to say "I love you!" and "Don't be afraid!" many times until we really believe it! This with any lesson. Little children learn by repetition and so do we! I know for me that I didn't really believe that there could be something in my life that God wanted to use, but now, I believe it - even though I still struggle. And the only reason I have learned this lesson is because God has taught me so many times! After continuous repetition, I finally get the point. Gods promises and His statements as simple as "I love you" start to change me. At first, just on the outside, but then the inside. I stop just hearing the words and saying "I believe it". They change me and I start ACTING like I believe it!...whatever the lesson may be.

It's hard to be patient with kids. I have four nephews and a niece and sometimes you want to go crazy, but I am so inspired by our wonderful Savior. Isn't it great to remember that the Lord's mercies are going to be new every morning? He isn't ever going to yell in frustration at us and wonder "why we don't get it". He is always going to be there, gently pointing us the right direction and teaching us through His sacred word. Never angry or impatient when we fail and squish the "task" or "rose" He has given to us.

My Father is amazing!

The rose...well, lets just say that it doesn't look as good as it did. Dark lines in the roses petals indicate that someone had tried to squish it, but that's okay. A lesson was learned and there are always plenty of roses. :)


Daniel G said...

wow,i really needed that tonight, although it hurts a little, cause Brookin eventually learns her lesson, but when God is showing me a rose trying to teach me to apreaciate it i keep trying to take it, untill i figure it out then i wait till i think he isnt paying attention so i can snatch it, when the whole time he knows im going to get poked by the thorns and tare up the peddals if i get my hands on it and just wants to protect me.

Ashley said...

Yeah. I can be that way too, Daniel. But we do need to realize that God is the one who holds the future and our lives in His hands. He knows what is best, always - even when it feels like He is being unfair. I've found that when I wait on God to teach me and show me, that I always end up appreciating what He wanted me to wait for, more. I can appreciate the beauty of the rose, because He has shown me how to maneuver the thorns. I had this experience major with a relationship in my life. I pushed the timing, and I found the ugliness of what could have been a great thing.

Good news: God is patient and FULL of second chances. Always. And He doesn't even regard them as a second chance, only a first. Because those times we totally mess up, He throws them in the ocean. They're paid for and there is no reason to bring them up again. :)

Wow. I kinda rambled. My b. I was just gonna say a few sentences, but I got sidetracked talkin about how awesome God is!

Daniel G said...

haha it wasnt really rambleing, and aman, God is so amazng, i just wish i could serve him better. and since you dont have a facebook i am personally letting you know that me and allison are starting a bible study at my house on the 1st and 3rd tuesdays of the month starting at 6:30, tomorrow is our first lesson, we are starting with a survey of the old testiment, by david platt. im pretty excited, if you are able you should come

Ashley said...

YEAH! I WANT TOO! I'll have to check my schedule. Where do you live? Hopefully not too far or I won't be able to come. You can email me if you'd rather tell me your whereabouts there! faraboverubies(at)att(dot)net

I spelled the symbols out. I've heard its "safer" or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Your niece sounds adorable! (I love little kids, by the way :) ). This was a beautiful analogy of Christ's love for us. Thank you!