Monday, April 18, 2011

You Beautiful Girl - Never Forget It

Sometimes, a Proverbs 31 Teen just needs to be reminded how beautiful she really is. I was watching the gals at our school (that sounds totally creeper, but its not) and I realized how EVERY ONE OF US is beautiful. Yeah, some might be picked for the cover of a magazine before others, but I can't find a girl in our school who doesn't have some gorgeous quality about them. Isn't that awesome? God has made us so perfect and wonderful. And He loves us - for our beauties and imperfections!! That makes me want to scream with joy! We should praise the Lord for the beauty He has placed on earth and the creativity of His hands. We should glorify Him because He knows the hairs on our head and "it is good" in His sight.

I love this verse:
Revelation 4:11“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."

Praise the Lord!

I'm going to remind this young lady how beautiful she is. Not because of her outside (even though it is beautiful) but because of who God has created her to be and because of her character that will last eternally when used for Christ.

I might do this every once in a while, to practice my skills on Corel Draw and just to remind us. Because we girls get to caught up in trying to be the next model, when really? We can just be who we are meant to be.

Sis, don't forget how beautiful you are.


Watson said...

Great post ash's!!! I love those pics of Shiphy!

Becca said...

SO sweet and cute! Great post Sissa! Love you!

LoVizzle said...

Awesome post! I like the Klondike bar lol. That's a really cool reminder about beauty.

Ashley said...

Thanks you guys!!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

Ah those pictures of Shiphrah are great! We should totally have a photo shoot, sis!

And great post! :)

Ashley said...

I know they are! We had a photo shoot and she looked amazing in all of them! I couldn't decide which ones to use!

We TOTALLY SHOULD! That would be way fun!

joyfaith said...

ASHLEY!! That is soooo neat! I had soo much fun with you that day...well really that whole week! I miss you! Love you so much<3 Shiphy

joyfaith said...

and Thank You for that and for listening to me! You mean so much to me:) SJO

Ashley said...

I miss and love you too girl! *squeezes*