Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Under the Gun"

Anytime I have ever said "I'm busy!" seems little in comparison to what my life looks like right now. please pray for me! Tomorrow I get up at 5:00 to get ready and go to work. I work 8 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm...nervous to say the least. I'm praying that God will miraculously show me how to prioritize and manage work, school, music, church, my walk with Him, friends and everything else I do....I know I can do it. It will just have to be an adjustment. But it could be a painful one.

Adjustment #1: Going to bed early: I'm posting this at 9:21 and going straight to bed. I haven't gone to bed before 9:30 in a looooong time.

On the bright side, I had a wonderful resurrection Sunday as I hope you did too! I rejoiced with the body of Christ and praised our great Lord!

Be watching for a P31W post soon. I hope to get one out....tomorrow or Tuesday maybe?

Rejoice always!  


LunaPuma said...

Oh goodness, life is SO busy once you throw in work with everything else! I've had to work a ton of 7 1/2-8 hour shifts this past week(some of them 6 days in a row with no days off), and it's scary how tired I am when I get home.

Too tired to take pictures, too tired to work on my videos, too tired to read, too tired to think, and too tired to even stay awake at night to spend some time with Him.

I think we BOTH could use some prayer, especially with school coming to an end along with everything else going on right now. It's time consuming, but I think we'll both eventually get in the swing of things! =]

Daniel G said...

That will be an adjustment, but i know you can do it, i will try to lift you up when i pray... for real, not just my typical Christian jargon

LoVizzle said...

I'll definately keep you in my prayers! I'm super busy too, and am way behind in a book I'm supposed to have finished for school >:(

Ashley said...

@Luna: I know girl! I will pray for ya! Its hard stuff. I can't imagine working THAT much though...*sheesh* We will eventually. I'm gald cause now I won't be totally idle this summer.

@Daniel: Thanks! I need it really. In...a lot of way actually. :)

@LoV: I'm sorry! Work hard! You'll get it soon! I guess this means I can't expect a post?....:'(