Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stress...This Will Be a Happy Post

i'm going to vent, so don't feel like you need to read this. ;)

I'm stressed. Yes. Yes. I know. I shouldn't be stressed. Stress is not good. But there are a ton of things going on. I miss my niece, I miss some old friends I never talk to anymore, and I've done something horrible...I've let my ACT stress me out. I take it on Saturday and I'm just praying that I don't totally fail. I can't explain to you all how slow I think, and under pressure, it's just going to be worse. And with graduation coming up, I just keeping wondering if I made the right decision to stay back. I keep thinking about college and how I could be there soon...but, I'm trying not to let it get me down. Satan is trying to confuse me. I made my decision with a clear head and God is going to bring good if I serve Him. *is convincing self*

This picture made me laugh very very hard today.

Please pray for me.

And I'm tired, not to mention the allergy head-aches I keep getting. >.<

I need to do better putting myself aside when I'm stressed. I can be really short with people. Not that I have anything against them, I don't know, I guess I just get uptight? But, God has been convicting me of that. I need to be a P31W and take a deep breath. Breath slowly and tell myself that its going to be okay and I must serve the Lord with my whole heart, just like any other day.

Enough of my issues. I'm going to talk about some things that made my day. Andrew, Timmy and Richard's Manly Men Man Scent commercial in drama class. I thought I was going to die. Those three are very gifted in drama and HILARIOUS!

Seeing Carlee. I missed her.

McDonald's french fries. Yummy. Not healthy, but lovely.

Singing "Lord, You're Holy". The words of the song are soooo beautiful and soooo encouraging.

Finding out that Kirstin is taking her ACT on Saturday too, so I won't be all alone in the world.

Rocking on my recital piece.

Receiving funny year book pictures.

A hectic year book class.

And last but not least....Nutella.

I know this is a very out of character post for me. But I wanted to be random. And silly. I needed too. And I feel better. If you have actually read this far, then sorry you wasted your time. Lol.


Kirstin said...

So when I saw the words "some things that made my day", I was really hoping my name would be somewhere in there, AND IT WAS! *rejoices*

I wuv oo Ashweeee! :D

LoVizzle said...

I'm actually not stressed about the ACT. I've done so much prep work, and found an awesome ACT Prep book which has definately helped and will add some big points. Plus, I see Lecrae at Rocketown Friday night, and won't get home till just before 11. Yeah, I'm doing some late before the ACT. So what? The ACT happens every 2 months; Lecrae only comes to Nashvile, well, a lot less often. And either way, this is my 4th ACT and I'm confident and prepared. Bring it on!

Lol that's my little rant thingy for the day :p

Ashley said...

@Kirstin: Well, your sweet hugs always make my day!

@LoV: Wow. Four times? That's a lot. Where are you taking it? Vol State or JP2? I wanted to go see LeCrae, but I decided against it because of the ACT. lol.

Miguel said...

Wasn't a complete waste of time. You mentioned Nutella. That makes my day too! :P

But you'll be fine. Take a breath, make a prayer, study hard, and go in relaxed and trusting God. If you need to work on time, maybe you can take practice tests and ask a sib/parent to time you while you take it. Practicing pacing yourself and the like.

Though seriously, praying really helps. I've done that before and the creator of the universe is a _great_ source of information ;)


Watson said...

It's okay asha! Sometimes you just need to vent. At least you have people to vent to and that listen!!!! And sorry but I have to ask. You SERIOUSLY like nutella?!?!??

Daniel G said...

hey im sure your ACT will go fine, just stay calm, and when they call 5 min, just start filling in whatever letter you feel like. lol, and about haveing second thoughts about staying in highschool, i wish i had been held back, college is stressful, i highly recomend dule enrollment, and just take 1 or 2 classes, it eases you into college insted of just getting thrown in there after 17 or 18 years being at home, and kinda doing your own thing. lol anyways, Good luck on your Act.

Ashley said...

@Mig: CUZ!!! I HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN AGES! *squee* I'm glad you dropped in! Thanks for the awesome encouragement. You're right. I know that I can always trust in God for the answers and I'm SO happy that He always knows. I've done some practice tests and have gone over math questions with my teacher, and I've decided that I need to quit studying until it comes because I think it's making me more nervous. But, I have done a few. :)

@Watson: Jessyca! YES I LOVE NUTELLA! Don't diss it in my presence. You know the commercials with the happy little kids eating it on toast? Yeah, that's me.

@Dan: Yeah, I'm going to be taking some classes at Vol-State next year. Thanks for the advice!

Carleeeeeee ;p said...

@everyone who said they liked nutelle: You guys are nasty!! I DON'T like all! Hhahah....

@Ashley: OH MY WORD. You totally made me boo-hoo. I miss you too. I thought you kinda didn't miss me though 'cause when I said I missed you you were like, "Why? We see each other eveyweek." Lol, but it's totally not the same as sitting down and talking/venting about the stuff going on in your life. I miss having you over like "EVERY" week! ;) Good luck on your ACT!!!!! Oh, and at possibly working at Chick-Fil-A today. I love you Sis and hope we get to hang out alot with each other. Your Bestie,


Ashley said...

@Carwee: awww did I really make your cry? I love you! I miss you all the time! When I asked that I was just trying to make a point that we miss each other even though we get to see each other a lot. It's sweet. Lol. Thanks. It went okay. I didn't finish three of the tests, but I did the best I could and I feel pretty confident about the ones I did answer. And I got 50 out of 60 math questions done (given 60 minutes for test). That's not too bad, right? lol. See you later.

And you are a loser for not liking nutella. Idk why we're friends. >.<