Thursday, July 29, 2010

*slaps hands onto mouth*

I have a confession to make! Yes I do!

I have a certain thing in my character that is not very pleasant. I am too outspoken and dogmatic about things. I can be really frank. Really, if someone says something I disagree with, my first reaction is, "Pffft that's stupid!" It's pride. Yep.

I know that if you have known me any portion of time you have seen this in me. I am trying to do better. But I figured I owe you all an apology. Please forgive me.

Prayers are appreciated!


nathan said...

You're not the only one, Ash :-) The important thing is that you've recognized keep praying and the Holy Spirit will continue to help cleanse you of it...but never lose that dogmatism for the truth! Especially in today's postmodern culture of "everyone is right, there are no absolutes" it is so important to know what you believe and stand firm, challenging others to back up their opinions--with respect of course, realizing that you may not be 100% correct yourself. Thanks for the post, and being willing to ask for prayer!

Ashley said...

Thanks Nathan for the encouragement. Yes, that is one thing I really need: To be more firm in the things that matter and be mature enough to let the other stuff go. Thanks for posting!

Nate said...

Ashley!! I will be praying for you!!!
But take heart, keep trying and praying, and the Lord will give you the strength to change it into a good thing!!! As for apology. You have never said anything to me that needs forgiving. You have been nothing but increment to me!!!! I'M PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!

Ashley said...

I very glad that you are a case that hasn't been exposed to my highly-opinionated side. ;) thanks for the prayers. I'll be working on it and I know your prayers will help!