Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day One of Camp Barnabas...

I struggle to put my week into words. How do you describe a week like that? Wonderful? Hard? Incredible? Fun? Challenging? Stretching?

The week showed me many things. The Lord made hard situations for me. I think He did it because He knew the things in my heart that were wrong and needed to be revealed. :D

The week started off great. I arrived. I met the other girls I would work with. They were fabulous! Godly, young ladies that wanted to serve. I thank god for them and their support.

I wasn't sure if I would be working with a autistic kid or what, but I ended up working with a girl with down syndrome, Jen. It was kinda interesting how I ended up with her. All of the counselors in my cabin (eight in all, plus two staff members) sat down on the back porch of our cabin and pulled out the camper applications. The apps had a bunch of info on the girls and what type of help they needed, and what their situations were. Basically, I had to pick a camper. I thought, "Lord how do I pick a camper? How can I possibly choose a child by looking at these apps that have next to no info on them?"

Paige, the staffer in our cabin said, "Believe me. You will be amazed how at the end of the week. you will see how God perfectly matched each camper with the right counselor. So don't stress. Some of you will even feel drawn to a certain camper. That fine if you do. Pick them."

I was feeling kinda drawn to a certain camper, Codi, but someone else got her first. So I picked up Jen's application.

Looking back at that moment. I was really scared. I had no idea what type of camper I was getting. Now, I know that God worked it out perfectly. He gave me Jen because He knew I had some very specific lessons to learn from her.

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Becca said...

I'm SO glad that you went there Sissy! I'm so going with you next year! Praise the Lord that you had such a good week, and that the Lord used it to stretch you and use you for His glory!