Friday, July 16, 2010

Massive, unrecognizable blob of time....

My mind can't form the days of Camp in my head. It all just seems so far away. Unreal.

But sometime in the middle of the week we did some really awesome activities. High ropes, theater, cafe, photo booth, swimming, a camping trip (hard core camping for-real), food fight (the whole camp had a food fight with soggy apple jacks. Yes, it was disgusting. It had sat in water for a looong time and it felt'll let your imagination run. Needless to say, I won't ever eat another Apple Jack.Uh-uh!), canoes, rifles...and on it goes.

It really amazed me how the camp made EVERY activity available for EVERY camper. NO MATTER what their disability was. If they were in wheelchairs they would make a way for them to do the rock climbing wall. It was so incredible. One of the gals in our cabin had a bad limp and a withered hand and she made it to the top of the rock climbing wall! I don't rock climb. It scares me to death.

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