Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Meeting God"

Its weird how after you read, realize or notice something that it pops out everywhere. God did this for me today. I'm reading through this little book "Taking Flight" by Elisabeth Elliot. Its a little encouragement book. Well, today I read a part called, "Meeting God" and was extremely encouraged to keep reading the Bible. I just posted along the same lines (kinda, if you have a stretchy imagination) three days ago in "I Thought I Loved the Bible" What she wrote was short, so I'm going to share it here. Understand that I'm not enhancing this; all credit goes to Elliot.

"The Bible is God's message to everybody. We deceive ourselves if we claim we want to hear His voice but neglect the primary channel through which it comes. We must read His Word. We must obey it. We must live it, which means rereading it throughout our lives.

"We read that our Heavenly Father actually looks for people who will worship Him in spirit and in reality. Imagine! God is looking for worshippers! Will He always have to go to a church to find them, or might there be one here and there in an ordinary house, kneeling alone by a chair, simply adoring Him?

"When I stumble out of bed in the morning, put on a robe, and go into my study, words to not spring spontaneously to my lips - other than words like, "Lord, here I am again to talk to you. It's cold. I'm not feeling terribly spiritual." Who can go on and on like that, morning after morning, and who can bear to listen to it day after day?

"I need help in order to worship God. Nothing helps me more than the Psalms. Here we find human cries - of praise, adoration, anguish, complaint, petition. There is an immediacy, an authenticity about those cries. They speak for me to God, that is - they often say what I want to say, but for which I cannot find words.

"Surely the Holy Spirit preserved those Psalms in order that we might have paradigms of prayer and of our individual dealing with God. It is immensely comforting to find that even David, the great king, wailed about his loneliness, his enemies, his pains, his sorrows and his fears. But then he turned from them, to god in paeans of praise.

"He found expression for praise far beyond my poor powers, so I use his and am lifted out of myself, up into the heights of adoration, even though I'm still the same ordinary woman alone in the same little room.

Thank you, Elisabeth Elliot for that awesome encouragement!


Logan said...

That's pretty cool!

Lili said...

Your blog is beautiful. It's full of so many pretty words from The Lord. Keep it up !
God bless you.

Sends you tender hugs,
Lili xx

Vandy Doctor said...

Hey Ashley! Got a new blog! Just thought you might want to see: walkingonthenarrowpath.wordpress.com. Thanks!

Ashley said...

Hey Jacob! Thanks for letting me know. I will be over soon! Btw, you stinking beasted in drama. I couldn't believe how amazing you were!?!? You are a natural and I want you in my one-act-play!!!

dj trish said...

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