Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Men and Courtesy

Guys, take it from a girl. Courtesy is appreciated.

There is no possible way I could explain just how appreciated and LOST the art of courtesy is. Now, I'm sorry to say this, boys have the reputation of being rude and lazy. And on rare occasion do you find one that looks at your eyes when they talk to you. It really really makes me mad when guys whistle, freak out or something when they see a pretty girl - and it seems like SO MANY guys are resorting to this dreadful behavior. So, that just makes the boys that are courteous and decent all the more attractive and refreshing.

I have a friend who consistently pulls my chair our for me when I sit down. I LOVE it! Not because I feel like I deserve special treatment or anything, but because I really feel like he is going out of his way to honor me. I believe the whole concept of courtesy started in the Middle Ages, when men would heroically serve women. The Bible even recognizes that women are the weaker vessel and that men should love and honor them. This doesn't give women right to be a powder-puff that never does anything, but I think it is honorable for men to interpret it in the way they have. I guess I can't saywith evidence from the Bible that men should treat the ladies like this, but I know that it is pleasing to the Lord. Because when guys go out of their way to do something - a little favor - for girls, to show us that they are watching out for us, have our backs and are honoring us, then God is pleased. He is pleased that they are being selfless and loving the women like He would like them too.

Obviously, these are merely gernealizations. I just seriously get disgusted with the lack of...honor that some guys have towards women. And it got me thinking about courtesy. Sometimes, courtesy is uncomfrtable and hard for me to handle. If you know me, you know that I can be pretty independant and like, no, love to do things for myself. When a guy insists on taking my trey to the trash, or running out to the car for me, or giving me his seat or his jacket, or offers to hold my bag...it makes me feel uncomfortable and my first reaction is to say, "No, no! I'm fine! I like the floor...It's not heavy...I'm not cold..." And I often do say those things. But, I've been realizing more and more lately that I really need to take you guys up when you offer because yall are practicing being respectful and when I say "No" I'm discouraging you all from doing that. So, its something I have to work on too. Sometimes, its hard to be the reciever of that. Not because I don't appreicate it; beacuse I am stubborn.

Anyways, to those of you who have not let chivalry die, thank you. I appreciate it. Your efforts to make me feel special, work amazingly. A few of you have made my day.


Daniel G said...

I agree, chivalry is very important, and although there is nothing in particular in the bible about it, I believe the bible premotes that ty

Daniel G said...

Type of Attitude, to serve others. The only problem is that a lot of times those actions can be interpreted romantically, which when they aren't ment that way contribute to us guys being like ehh... shell think I'm flirting, so I'll just forget about it. So yah, that was a lot just to say I agree lol I guess I need to post again since I'm getting so long winded

JoyFaith said...

I agree Ashley, I think there is only two or three guys who look into my eyes when I'm talking to them, it makes me feel important, like they want to talk to me. Great post!

Ashley said...

@Daniel: Well, I know I wouldn't think you were flirting, but I guess every girl is different. Honestly, they need to stop reading into things.

Daniel G said...

Well yah, i was refering to most girls, but my closer friends wouldnt i dont think

Felipe Gama said...

You are welcome :P

It can be tough sometimes though, in some more liberal societies, things like these are often looked down upon, both by guys and girls, or else they are used by some girls to get advantages on thing.

Still, it's a nice thing that you are trying to encourage those who give you those offers, it does make us feel good about ourselves when people accept our help (not only girls, but also older people, or even children).

Keep on it.