Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do Something!

Remember 9/11 families that were victim to the terrorist's attack in 2001. Ten years have passed but families are still affected and our country still needs God. Pray for our nation with renewed dedication. We have fallen so far from the Lord. The United States is not a nation under God, in fact, I think we are pushing God out of our country all together.

To all the Christians out there who feel like the only thing you can do is shrink into a corner and pray for our country, I've got BIG NEWS! Praying is GREAT, but its not the only thing you can do. I believe God calls us to be involved in government. GO! Pray! Be involved! You and I can talk to Senators, citizens, write letters, hold days of prayer, raise money, educate ourselves and do radical things for our country. If we don't turn around soon, we will die.

Sorry about the depressing post. But, I feel if we (Christians) don't stop being apathetic about our government and God, there will be a lot more 9/11s.


Jessy said...

It's also sad because people today are like why are we at war?!?!? And they act like they don't remember. And that's really sad

Logan said...

I totally agree! It's amazing and so sad how fall we've fallen in the past 30-40 years. And unfortunately, I think it will take something much more terrible and horrifying than 9/11 to wake America up, if it's possible for America today TO be awakened.