Sunday, September 11, 2011

Therefore, I Do Not Lose Heart (Ashley's Personal Pep-Talk)

"Oh no" I whine, "my world is caving in."

This is my typical complaint if life doesn't go according to Ashley's-all-knowing-perfect-plan. Yeeah.

2 Corinthians 4 was extremely encouraging today. First verse - bam! I needed to hear it. God knew just that and made me read it. " we have received mercy, we do not lose heart." 

I feel like I'm continually being discouraged, worried, annoyed, ect more than I should. This verse was so encouraging. It reminded me why I should NOT lose heart: Because I have received mercy. Man, it is so easy to complain about whats going on around me. Yeah, things are tough, but I've forgotten the most important, inspiring, uplifting, joyful, freeing, happy thing: the mercy bestowed upon me. I don't deserve this life. No, I don't. I might feel like I deserve better; like someone should drag out the red carpet for me and hold a grape cluster over my lips, but in actuality, I deserve hell. I have sinned before the Maker of the earth, the Just One, Jesus Christ, Yahweh. Sin disgusts Him and He throws it and it's slaves into hell. But, for some reason, I was spared. I was one of the filthy, sin-enslaved messes that He felt compassion on and washed white as snow.

I should not be complaining. How I'm not spending every moment singing about this awesome mercy is beyond me? How have I let that beauty be so far removed from my sight?

" I have received mercy, therefore, I do not lose heart."

Tomorrow, I'm not going to be depressed because I have received mercy. May I never forget, oh Lord.   


Logan said...

Amen. Keep it going! Live by your last two sentences.

Kaylin Waldrop said...