Saturday, December 31, 2011

Headed to the Georgia Dome

In just two days I will join 22,000 other students in worship of the Lord.

Passion 2012, here I come.

Please pray for the hand of God to move mightily in each life, mine and everyone else's. Last year Passion raised 1,600,000 dollars for all types of causes; freedom of sex slaves, hunger, Haiti homes. . . Hopefully God will use this group of young people to be just as influential.

GEORGIA! Here we come. Be ready to see God's presence at the GEORGIA DOME!


Kaylin said...

I've heard that there will be more college students than the past two years combined!

Logan said...

Hey old friend!!!! How's life? Are you still at Chick-fil-A Gallatin?

Sorry that I haven't been commenting or reading lately :/ It's hard enough to find time to blog these days, let alone visit other blogs.

And it looks like I'm going to have more free time this semester, so I'm willing to try out the idea you presented several months ago about the new blog. If you're still interested, we should get together and see what we exactly what we want to do.

And it's so cool that you're going to Passion!!!! You better tell us all about it!

Katherine said...

That's so exciting, Ashley! I hope it's an awesome time...

Ashley said...

Hey Logan! Yes, I'm still at Chick-fil-A for the time being. Life has finally slowed down for me! Yay! I'm working a lot, have piano students and NO SCHOOL! :) And I'll be playing soccer this semester.

Okay, I'm willing to try it. I've sorta lost my vision a little bit, but I think I could potentially rekindle that. Shoot me an email about it.