Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random poem I wrote. Clearly, I don't write much poetry. Haha!

I wrote this during the flood of 2010. Yep.

It has rained for days and days,

With no sight of sun’s rays.

The drops crash on the ground

Flooding everything around.

Running straight into the creeks,

Into every crack it leaks.

Swelling every river and lake

And the ground begins to break.

Eroding with the gushing stream

Their mighty waves are extreme.

Houses are being washed away,

Firm ground has turned to clay,

Thousands of people without power,

Tell me we’re near the end of this shower.

For slabs of concrete are ripped apart,

The amount of rain is off the charts.

Portable buildings float down I-24

While the rain continues to pour.

Families have lost loved ones,

When will this all be done?

Lord, we know you’ve planned it this way,

You knew we’d be flooded the second of May.

I remember your promise to Moses that day,

“Never again will I flood the earth,” You say.

So you hung a rainbow in the sky.

Something we remember your promise by.

One day the earth’ll be destroyed again.

Date and time we can’t know when.

Earth will be destroyed by flame

By the power of your holy name.

But I am not scared of this thing,

Because at your feet I will sing.

“Holy, holy, holy

Are you Lord God Almighty.”

A new heaven and earth you will create,

Where worshipping you is my fate.

I look forward to that day

Where safely at your feet I’ll lay.

Lord, when scary things like floods arise,

Remind me that you’re all-knowing and wise.

Hang a rainbow in the sky.

On your promises I can rely.