Monday, August 2, 2010

This Is From My Other Blog

 This blog is from my other blog, but I thought this would be an appropriate place to post it as well! Wrote this early this year I do believe!


I'm a Christian, a real one, so my title may seem a little anti-Christian because it sounds like I'm making fun of Christians or mocking them. I am in no way mocking my brothers and sisters in Christ at all! But the Lord has been revealing something to me lately. Probably the biggest thing I have ever come to realize since being in fellowship with Jesus Christ.

So many times, whether it be from my past experience with God, or with my family and friends, we Christians seem to be very focused on what is wrong with us and why we aren't doing the things the disciples did in the New Testament or walking in close fellowship with the Lord. Well, either the answer is you are not saved, or you don't trust God, or you aren't walking close with Him, or you focus too much on the problem instead of the one who solves the problem. The last one is what I'm going to blog about.

A big thing that's been going on with several of my friends is why God isn't answering their prayers or helping them out. I hope you are saved and have forgiven everyone, because those are the first steps, but some of you have done those things. I speak from experience when I say that when you focus too much on a sin, or on a problem, and keep praying and praying for a problem to overcome or a sin to kill, what good is it doing if that's all you are focusing on and not focusing on the One who saves you from this?

I mean, really? I used to read things and watch things that wouldn't bother me, or I would try to beat certain things and not do certain stuff, and every time I would pray and ask God to help me with it, then I would go right back to focusing on beating it, and yet it would beat me. Every single time this happened. It frustrated me more than anything!

Well, after God delivered me from my 7 years of depression and anger and hate and unforgiveness, he slowly began to reveal to me that I focused too much on what I was wanting to beat, and what I wanted God to do, that I took the focus off of the One who saves and delivers and put the focus on the problem itself. It wasn't until I put my complete focus back on GOD, and trusted in GOD, and had faith in GOD and GOD alone, that those things were gone too!

I didn't even realize those things anymore! I didn't even realize I stopped doing those things! The Lord would show me that the movies and shows I watched were not right, and that some things I have read were not right, and I got rid of them as fast as I could! The more I devoted my attention and mind to God alone, the more He consumed my life and the more the sins and problems became gone! It's like I never did those things in my life, nor do I have the desire to want to do them!

I know some of my friends struggle, and if you are reading this, I want to urge you to focus on Jesus, and Jesus alone, because when He becomes the center of your life, He will change you. He will change you if that's what you want. He will save you from your problems and he will deliver you from those addictive sins and nasty habits! Seriously, Jesus alone is the answer to everything. It's all about Jesus!

Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still, and know that I am God;" Just be still. Rest in Jesus, and know that he is the One who saved you, and He is the One who will continue to save you, and deliver you, and draw you closer to Him. Christianity is about your relationship with Jesus Christ. It's about abiding in Jesus and His love. It's about God!


nathan said...

Thanks man, I needed that. Good stuff.

Tsali said...

That was so encouraging and eye opening!

Ashley said...

Ryan, wonderful post. Extremely encouraging. Thanks so much for posting. And sorry for letting ya hang. Lol. Camp was awesome though.

Ashley said...

Hey, I know I already commented here, but I thought I would again. This has been very encouraging to me. Several times since I read this, I reminded myself to think about God rather than beating myself up about the problem. Thanks Brother.