Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Speaking of Prayer...

Ash's last post was about prayer requests, but it made me think of something short and sweet to write about. Prayer is important in a Christian's life, obviously, and the Bible even tells us to pray without ceasing.

My family and I have made it a habit to pray together every night, and we have been doing so for a few weeks now, and it has really strengthened me and has helped me grow closer to God, and my family, so let me ask you this. Do you pray with your family on a regular basis? Do you pray with someone? I tell you that praying with other Christians is a very healthy thing, and it's a very Biblical thing. Personal prayer is also important. Since I've been praying with my family it has been a lot easier to pray by myself more often. It veers my thoughts toward God more than it used to veer toward what I wanted to do or something. It's been great!

So if you don't pray with anyone often, I encourage you to start, because you never know what blessing you are going to get out of it! =]


Ashley said...

I don't but I should. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll do that. Not sure I can round my family up, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the encouragement.

Miztermuzik said...

You're welcome :)