Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 2 - My Crush?

I know this crush ain't going away-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay....going away-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay...Lol gotta love David Archuletta.

This is dumb.

My Beloved, Adored, Cherished, Prized, and Dear Crush,
Can you even imagine how much you mean to me? Probably not, you'd have to have one heck of an imagination which I know you do not possess - not like me anyways. I don't even know your name, but every time I get around you I can't even say anything and most of the time I end up dropping my books in front of you and then I get embarrassed because you see my multiple books on Cereology (study of crop circles) and give me strange looks, but you know what? I know what those looks mean. They say to me, "You know? I think you are weird and the fact that you study Cereology is weird and you have warts on your nose, but I love you. I love you anyways." And then my heart is glad because I know. The other day when you were walking by you bumped into me and I KNOW you did it on purpose. You can't hide from me! i know you too well.....blah blah blah...

Haha! Luckily, I don't have a crush. I'm not making fun of the people who do, I just think %80 of crushes are weird because most times they are based on the stuff that doesn't matter instead of how much you know a guy. Comprendas?

At this stage in my life, the LAST thing that needs to happen to me is a serious crush. I don't need that at all. I find them very distracting. Last time I had a crush it really kept my mind off of what needed to be done and somewhere in la-la land thinking about that crush (who I hardly ever talked dumb), which ended up dying down and then becoming none existent. Therefore, completely WASTING MY TIME! I know we are all humans and stuff so it is natural to be distracted by crushes (of the opposite sex, btw) but when you are young...13-18 and the Lord isn't opening any doors for you, then don't go looking for some guy/girl to have a crush on and having these silly "high-school-relationships". They are pointless and really take the focus off the joy of serving Christ and SINGLENESS! Yay!

Okay, I'm rambling really bad. (Sorry LoVizzle I'm not using my new motto, "Think and gather...then write.") I'm not condemning crushes. I'm just saying that they can be detrimental to one's spiritual growth and accomplishments. So if you have this nasty, pointless crush that just won't go away then I would encourage you to give it to God. I've had to do that so many times, because I don't want to be distracted when the time is not right for me to be moving toward a marriage or anything. I've found when I give things to the Lord and say, "God, I'm serious this time I really don't want this!" that He really does help me. Until God gives you super-natural ability to juggle both a guy and serving Him, which I believe is around marrying age, then just stick with serving the Lord because it is near impossible to do both (in my experience anyways). One will get the better treatment and because of our fallen nature, most times it's the crush. God is so cool, when I finally give those crushes over to Him, He relieves me and I have such a better time serving Christ, others, I'm more focused and have more purpose. Guys are cute but God's better. ;)

Sorry, I didn't mean to talk that long and I hope I didn't sound like I was bossing everyone around. It's just a warning, because I know I have wasted tons of energy trying to look right, act right and be cute or what-not around so and so and I regret it.   

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