Friday, December 17, 2010

For what?

What am I doing? I am appalled at my ability to be able to live my life without giving thought to others' pain. I am such a selfish person. I have thought about me and I all the time. I haven't cared to invest in my neighbors or the people at the Dollar General or even my friends like I should.

God, forgive me for being so complacent. Forgive me for thinking that Holy Joe at church should be the one to witness. What am I doing? Why am I wasting my time? If I am not here to love people and care for their needs, serving my God, WHY AM I HERE? To be a facebook addict? To write great books? To sing? To play sports? To get a career? Those things are going to pass away.

God, I've ignored your commandment to witness to others. I've blown it off. I haven't regarded Your Word. I should be punished for my selfish protection of the best news in the world. The news that YOU love ME AND THEM. The news that can save the world. I have it! It's in my possession. God, I'm afraid that I am an unworthy steward of such a possession!

The pain out there. If I listen, I can almost hear them crying. I can almost hear people asking "Why?". I can imagine people questioning me, wondering why the heck I didn't share You with them. Wondering why they are here and wishing they knew the purpose of their lives.

Every person, has experienced some amount of pain. Everyone.Some worse than others. I know that you are the healing to that pain. I am experiencing pain at this moment. You know the whole and You are the healing and the help. Where does my help come from? You God!

And I selfishly hoard the remedy to our pain. I still go through hard times, but I can endure the pain because I know you and that makes all the difference in the world.

God help me to be more outspoken. To love. to tell. To care. To heal. To mend. To listen. To be. To help. To encourage. To inspire.

What can I do?

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