Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 10 - Someone I wish I could meet


I don't know what is with those crazy people out there, but there are a ton of people who think that you and the other founding fathers were not Christians, which I think is so silly. There is tons of evidence out there that you were. Actually, I think you were a strong devout Christian. I wish I could sit you down and ask you some questions on live TV, surely that would convince everyone.

Well, no matter what they believe I really respect you. And I am so glad that you helped make our nation what it is. You believed in a government AND God and so do I. They cannot be separated! Thank you for giving your life to America and Christ. I can't wait to meet one day.

A Fellow American,
Ashley Jones

I know, you all think I'm corny, but that came fromt he bottom of my heart so don't laugh...

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