Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WATCH THIS! Trust me...it's worth the time...

Has any place ever changed your life? God used Camp Barnabas to change mine. It is a special needs camp that is serious about sharing the love of Christ with these kids.

Watch these videos...want to come or donate? Contact me and we will work something out. ;)

Want to know what it's all about?

Want to know the benefits for the CIAs?

A good video of just people goofing off...

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Daniel G said...

i know im totally Blog stalking lol, but that looks awsome. * blinks to hold back a tear * so when is it, how hard is it, do they tell you what to do and stuff, would i have to pay to help, do you get any free time to just kinda pray and think by your self. basically just tell me everything, i dont know if i would be able to go, but i would definately concider it