Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Ah! I love these. I love making personal goals and trying to accomplish them.

What is your New Year's Resolution. Or put this way - what things do you expect to accomplish (or should I say, expect God to accomplish - see last post.) this year?

I'm a dreamer so I have quite a few. Wanna hear them? Feel free to ask me how I'm doing. I'll need it.
-I'm going gluten free
-and sugar free (length for these two things is at least two months).
-I want to revise both novels and look into publishing
-learn giutar
-get lifeguard certified
-learn djembe
-then  I have some personal goals regarding my devotional stuff.


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Carleeeeeee ;p said...

Hey Ash,

Your resolutions sound good! Here are some of mine.I know I told you that I didn't have any because I think they are kinda pointless because people do them for like 3 months and then quit.:) Here are my resolutions...
- get muscles ;)
- get a job
- have friends over to my house more
- make more friends
- get my liscense

They are kindof stupid. :) I'll try to leave comments on your stuff more. Love your bestie,