Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 11 - A deceased person you wish you could talk to

Jesse Welch,

It seems like yesterday since the tornado came through. But in only a few weeks it going to be a whole three years.

I'll never forget the last time we talked. You were waiting impatiently for me to finish reading a story in your english book by Edgar Allen Poe. We both loved him! I had never read it before and you made sure that I got to read it. Your mom arrived though and I rushed through the last paragraph. Little did I know that would be the last time you would be at school, or I don't think I would have been reading.

I don't think I've ever really bickered with a guy friend like I did you. What's with that? You were def. one of my closest guy friends but we really just got at each other a lot. Contrasting personalities? Maybe, I don't know. Immaturity? Most likely. I remember snapping at you because you were trying to help me with a science project. I tried to apologize so many times for that. I wish I would have.

No use in lying - when I first met you I thought you were odd and was a little weirded out. But after getting to know you and after we both matured more I found that you were a really nice guy! I wonder if you were still here if we would be great friends. I'd like to think so. We were already starting to hang out more. I remember debating whether to invite you to my birthday party or not. It was going to be a small group of mostly girls and I didn't want you to feel awkward so I never did.

I'm going to graduate in five months! Can you believe it? In November I had a senior party with our class. It was fun, but afterward I cried because I know you would have had a blast with us - probably showing us a magic trick or something. I think at graduation we are going to do something in memory of you. It has to be something special though, so we are thinking about what exactly to do.

I just had a birthday. I'm seventeen. Crazy. You taught me a lot of lessons. In your life and your death. You taught me to love and accept people for who they are (your friendliness to EVERYONE was inspiring) and God showed me to always be ready, because at any time I could leave. Just like you. I've been blessed to live as long as I have and I'll never understand why God would let you and your family die and not me and my family or someone else, but I am truly thankful for every day that I live and want to serve God with every breath I breathe.

I know you are sitting at the feet of Christ. Although I love life, I cannot wait to join you. And when it comes to singing, we'll put that ol' UCA choir to shame - not to mention Salene's...but that's not the point. :)

Thank you for being the special you that you were.


P.s. I miss your magic tricks. I still do that one with the rubber band. It makes me smile.


LunaPuma said...

This made me tear up, Ashley. I still miss the Welch family so much. Like you say, it seems like just yesterday that everything happened. I sometimes feel so awful, because me and Jesse were so odd to each other. First we'd be friends, then we couldn't stand each other; I hope that he knew I didn't think bad of him. I loved Hannah, too. She was so sweet and bright. Gosh, this is really taking me back. Thanks for keeping this light though and filling me with nostalgia.

Becca said...

Can't stop crying! I miss him so bad, and wish I would have given him more of my time. I miss his smile, and laugh! Thanks Ashley!

Kyle Cheng said...

This is so touching... ;_;

Naomi said...

sigh. i was just thinking about sweet jesse the other day. he was really something special! =')