Saturday, January 22, 2011

Becoming Childlike.

There is an adorable little boy at our church, Matthew. I'm not sure how old he is, but he's a baby. Prolly one and a half or something.He and his family always sits in the row in front of us.

I have learned some lessons from that little guy. During the sermons on Sunday, Matthew sits in either his father or mother's lap. Sometimes, well often, he gets squirmy and wants to run around, but a lot of the time, I am amazed how content little Matthew seems to be sitting in his parent's arms. He doesn't seem to feel confined or irritated that they hold him close.

One time, Matthew sat on his mother's lap, facing her. He stares up into her face - studying her. I was struck at that moment, by his intense gaze. He looked at her whole face. I'm telling you, he has every pore in her face memorized.

I need to be like Matthew when it comes to my heavenly Father. When was the last time that I threw every distraction aside and dwelt on the beauty of my Father's face, memorizing every characteristic and word about Him. I don't fall on my face enough in worship of the God I serve. You know why I think that? I don't know Him well enough. I haven't fully grasped the beauty of His wonderful face. But every time I see another detail about the way His eyes shines with love for me or I notice a wrinkle in His cheek that can only be from concern and sorrow over my sin, I do fall down in worship.

This verse comes to mind. Mark 10:15 "Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not
receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it."


That's what a lot of us are short on, huh?

I remember my dad telling me once about me as a kid. He said that I would jump from a high place into his arms because I knew he would catch me. Now, if asked to jump from anything into my dad's arms, I know I would be too scared. I don't trust that my dad would catch me - not because he has changed, but I have. I now realize that I'm heavier than I used to be, and I know the consequences of what would happen if he dropped me.

I think I'm like that with God often. I fool myself into thinking that God doesn't really know what He is talking about and that He isn't going to catch me. I try to handle situations in my own strength and not His. What a shame. I end up hurting/tiring myself for lack of trust in a perfect omnipotent God.

When I think of being childlike in my faith, I think of Matthew. That child knows his parent's faces like the back of his chubby hand. I believe with all my heart that he would jump from a rooftop into his dad's arms, with no fear, no "what if" thoughts.

What this can look like in my life: 1-Content in my Father's arms - refusing to be distracted by the many "pretty things" in the world. Happy just to be alone with Him. 2-Studying my Father and trying to grasp the infinite magnitude of His holy, gracious, loving, wrathful, jealous...ect. character by being in His Word, listening and praying to Him. 3-Learning to be unafraid to adopt His plan (the WHOLE plan) and not trying to figure things out on my own, but having faith to trust that God does know much more than I do. So just jump; He's going to catch me.

Thanks, Matthew, for being the adorable little boy you are and for teaching me practical lessons. I pray that you will seek God with an intensity no one can match.

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LoVizzle said...

That's an excellent analogy and great post! Good job, Ashley!